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About Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine Services is a family owned and operated tax preparation business, doing business in Phoenix since 1989. We pride ourselves in our customer service, attention to detail and reasonable pricing. We don’t believe that anyone should have to pay an arm and a leg to find out what their tax liability is. When you leave our offices, we ensure that not only do you have peace of mind that your taxes were prepared accurately, but that you are also informed about your own tax situation. We take the time to educate all our clients so they are never in the dark.

About Marcy

Marcy Hardge, founder and owner, started Rise and Shine because she loves doing taxes. (I know, crazy, right?) The business was originally a supplement to her income from her corporate job so she could provide more opportunities for her children. She quickly realized that honest, affordable tax preparation was hard to come by and, as a business driven by integrity and quality work, Rise and Shine has grown steadily ever since. Marcy holds a Registered Tax Return Preparer certification from the Internal Revenue Service, one of the leading tax preparer qualifications available.

Today, Rise and Shine includes six tax preparers and three other employees. Most of the tax preparers work part time, allowing for a flexible schedule to accommodate clients who work traditional hours.