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Our Mission

"Rise and Shine will prepare your taxes with the utmost integrity, based on knowledgeable and educated professionals. We stand by our product and will pay any penalties and interest related to any mistake."

Did You Know

Professional Tax Preparation in Phoenix

F iling taxes each year is painful enough without having to worry about a big bill at the end—or if your documents are prepared correctly. At Rise and Shine Services, we offer quality, professional tax preparation in the Phoenix area at a reasonable cost to you. We’re not part of a big-box preparation company and it shows in our personalized, caring service. We develop relationships with our clients and build trust to ensure they come back again and again. Even better, we are often a third to half the cost of big-box services that have loads of overhead.

Rise and Shine understands that people need to be educated about their tax liability. Far too often our clients come to us not knowing where to start or confused about why their tax bill was so big in years past. In business since 1989, we walk our clients through the tax preparation process from beginning to end. No more wondering if an expense is deductible or not—we have the expertise and experience to let you know. Have a large tax liability? We can identify qualifying deductions to help save you some money.

Our staff members are dedicated to doing the job right, and many of them are bilingual. Most of our tax preparers have been around for five or more years and all of them are certified with 13 weeks of tax study. We’re dedicated to staying on top of our certifications and take continuing education on a regular basis to keep up with the constant changes in tax law.

If you’re tired of waiting in line at the big-box tax preparation firms, give us a call. We can help you!


Marcy Hardge, founder and owner, started Rise and Shine because she loves doing taxes (I know, crazy, right?



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Forms Filed


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